A look ahead to Ridings Tablers' events in 2019 ..........

January 2019

Thursday 10th                 Visit Constitutional Lodge Installation – Beverley

Wednesday 23rd              Blow away Christmas.  Exclusive use dining & Family meal – Leven

Friday 25th                       Ridings Tablers’ Chapter Installation

February 2019

Monday 4th                      Visit Humber Installed Masters Installation – Hull

Friday 22nd                      Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting

Friday 22nd                      Ladies Only.  Pie & Pea Comedy Night – Costa Del Hornsea

March 2019

Saturday 2nd                    Visit Denison Lodge Scarborough.  Morning meeting.               

Friday 22nd                       Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting –  Initiation

April 2019

Monday 1st                        Ridings Tablers’ Chapter meeting

Saturday 13th                   Visit Invictus Lodge.  York

Friday 26th                        Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting – Passing

May 2019

Saturday 11th                    Provincial Grand Lodge

Sunday 12th                       Festival of St John.  PM Beverley Minster

Tuesday 14th                     Lunch & afternoon at Beverley Races

Friday 24th                         Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting

Sat 25th-Fri 31st              Masters Challenge-you better get fit.Not 100% sure it will happen!

June 2019

Thursday 13th                     Ridings Tablers’ Chapter

Saturday 22nd                    Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting. An Apron of many colours + family brunch

Friday 28th                          Ladies Only – Experience Proper Bingo at Mecca, Hull

July 2019

Saturday 13th                       Be the Judge.  Classic car show at WM’s.  Followed by hogroast/

                                               music/entertainment…….after the cars have gone (aft/evening)

August 2019

Friday 2nd                             Social – Curry Night

September 2019

Wednesday 4th                     Visit Wilberforce Lodge.  Beverley.

Friday 27th                            Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting – Initiation

October 2019

Wednesday 3rd                      Ridings Tablers’ Chapter

Friday 11th                            Visit Lodge of King Arthur, Ilkley.  Installation

Friday 25th                             Ridings Tablers Lodge .  Business night +

Saturday 26th                        Social – TBC

November 2019

     Sunday 10th                          Remembrance Day Church Parade

     Friday 22nd                            Ridings Tablers’ Lodge meeting –  Installation


     Additionally there will be a charity event in Beverley.  Date to be announced.

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